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Work with passion

Club Kindness is a non-profit membership organization created to support patients, brands and dispensaries with Holistic Cannabis Education.

We offer our individual Sustaining Members access to “friendly” healthcare professionals and an extensive library of credible information regarding the plant’s varied uses.
We aim to clarify the industry’s message to consumers by offering outreach programming and educational content development to brands and dispensaries.
We strive to collaborate with the organizations working to bring awareness to those crucial issues surrounding Social Equity and Justice within the cannabis space and beyond.

Our mission is to help our members procure safe and effective medicine, while using education to bridge the gap between the Cannabis industry and our surrounding community.

"What is a weed, but a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."

– R.W. Emerson

Meet our Board

It takes a village

Mskindness B. Ramirez, M.A.Ed.

Founder & Executive Director

Mskindness is her given first name and a self-proclaimed calling toward philanthropy.      


Find out how to use Cannabis as a baseline for your health and wellness.

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