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Kind Socials are curated events held in the comfort of your home or business and the best way to get started with Club Kindness.

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These consultative events are designed for new and existing consumers to learn how Cannabis and CBD may improve their lives. We offer free phone consultations, web-consultations and in-home/business events.

For our in-home consultations, your Independent Cannabis Consultant will bring a special selection of products for sampling, discussion and enjoyment. Guests receive a valuable re-education about cannabis, and learn about how remedies like Elixirs by Kindness and others, can improve their daily lives. All while having a great time surrounded by friends and loved ones in a safe environment. Our educational events range in size from 3-25 guests and can be tailored to fit the needs of your group.

With at least 2 friends and an open mind, you can start your journey toward understanding how cannabis, when coupled with other supportive therapies, can help put you on a path toward complete health and wellness.

What Happens at a Kind Social

Every Kind Social includes a healthy dose of Cannabis “RE-education” all rolled up in a whole lot of fun. See what we did there. ? We’re passionate about wellness, we want our members to understand exactly how the body processes the plant, and we teach you how to integrate it into your lifestyle in a safe and healthy way. Oh, and we also talk about the laws…

This is the perfect opportunity to share a uniquely peaceful experience with friends and loved ones. You will expose them to the medicine you enjoy, earn rewards for doing so, and have an awesome time in the process. Every Social is fun, but you decide just how much by curating an event that may include music, massage, hypnotherapy, yoga or more!

In addition remedies like Elixirs by Kindness, we bring a curated selection of the finest cannabis products on the market for your guests to try. Depending on the needs of your group, the setting can be intimate and consultative, or larger and more “party-like.” You decide. We bring the medicated foods and products for each guest to experience in a safe and supportive environment.

New clients select their membership level at a Kind Social.  Most choose to become a Sustaining Member at this time. Membership at the Black or Pink level, includes a small tax-deductible fee, extra savings on remedies, and access to our specialized concierge services. Once you’ve selected a program, you can easily login to view member programs, order new products and/or refills for your favorites.

Ways to Start our Cannabis Education with Us

A FREE phone consultation with your Independent Cannabis Consultant. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to ask those quick questions you have before ordering your remedies. Use the time to address personal health issues, product questions, or learn more about how you can host a more in depth Kind Social. The more details you provide on our Member Intake Form, the easier it will be to get a lot done in those 20 minutes!

Your Independent Cannabis Consultant will Zoom video conference with you for an intimate discussion including 2-4 of your loved ones. You will discuss your specific health needs, receive product recommendations and/or set a treatment plan for dealing with some of the more serious health issues. It’s a 1.5 hour session designed to prepare those closest to you with the information they’ll need to better understand how our remedies may improve everyone’s lifestyle.

In-home Kind Socials include 3-25 guests for a curated event, and feature a theme of your choosing. These events always include our Cannabis 101 Workshop, infused foods, and product demonstrations. With additional options of massage therapy, Ganga yoga, magic, hypnotherapy, a DJ or more.

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